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The solar power system has been installed on the roof of the Waldorf-School in Windhoek. It combines groundbreaking solar technology with a sophisticated technical concept.

With a surface of 200 square meters and a peak capacity of 14.28 kWp, the system is expected to produce 25,000 kWh of environmentally sound electricity, which will be used directly by the school or fed into the grid of the local energy supplier.

This installation will serve as a beacon project to advertise solar technology beyond the borders of Windhoek and Namibia. Trade fairs, training courses and road shows support this project.

“The solar roof shall serve as an example to promote solar technology in Namibia”, declared dena managing director Stephan Kohler. “Particularly German companies can contribute enormously with their products.”

Namibia is on its way into the solar age. The SUNSET Solar solar roof is another big step into that direction.

The installation is a joint-venture of SUNSET Solar with the German Energy Agency (dena) in line with the solar roof program for the foreign market development.

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